Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 7 LAST DAY!

Breakfast: smoothie with spianch, red mangold, peach, apple, frozen bananas, mixed exotic fruits

Lunch: second half of the smoothie

Dinner: I had to finish some tomato sauce, then I prepared a little soup with tomato sauce, water, borlotti beans and then a salad with spinach, red mangold, canned mushrooms (I think the worst thing I have ever bought, but I was thinking about not having full and free access to the kitchen and then I bought them) and some leftover salad from yesterday evening.

I have drunk only half a litre or 1 litre of herba mate. I know, its not enough, but I have been busy all the day packing and my day just flew away.

I haven’t done any exercise :( I just walked back and forth from a firend’s home (30 mins more or less) the weather was still shitty and the sun is shining now, it’s 10 pm. Well, I knew that the most difficult part of this challenge was to do exercise every day, I knew I wouldn’t be able to train enough. Ah, I also “worked” (a lot of things to do there, I don’t know a better word to sum up everything) in the kitchen for like more than one hour because the only other person left here didn’t help me at all.. gggghhhrrrr!

Anyway, this challenge was very nice and useful. I lost 2 kg, but  I’ll check tomorrow morning the final result. Most important I got used to eat a little bit less, but eating filling stuff. Well, my vegan diet is always been better on this concern than a “omnivore” diet, my problem was that I used to eat a lot of pasta even if only twice a week. Sometimes I’m very greedy.

I think my “problem” with the weight (It’s not a real problem, my BMI is 22.6 and it is supposed to be between 18.5 and 25) is psychological (as a lot of -maybe all- this “problems”): I trained at the swimmingpool three days/week for at least 45 mins/day and I didn’t see any change. I also started to track the calories, but without thinking of what I was eating: I used to eat some cereals and berries bars, some wasa (kind of swedish bread), big salads, sometimes pasta, rice and other cereals, soja or oat milk, soja yogurt and so on and so forth. It was light in calories but never blanced for what concerns the nutrients. The psychological paranoid starts when I know that I eat very little and I don’t see any result, then I usually give up with everything and start eating a lot (sometimes). I’m sure that I’m gonna do this challenge another week- or other weeks, like once a month could be a good idea-, maybe in the middle of August, when I will be done with the move and when I will need to take a break and relax before the thesis defence.

I just hope to keep this weight and to be strong enough to avoid to gain kilos in two days. I know it’s gonna happen :(
I’m now waiting for the detox diet that a friend of mine is translating from czech to english. I’m looking forward :)

I have to admit that the most difficult days were day 4 and day 5, I think mainly because I have been with some friends and watching the tv (and maybe also because of the cold): for example there is a damn commercial in which a guy fills some bread with two chokladbollar.. OMG! delicious! And one evening I prepared some grilled polenta with a nice and easy sauce for a friend of mine.. But this time I managed to don’t be tempted! :)

A big – no, not big, huge- thanks to Somer of  Good Clean Food! I don’t have words to thank her as I would like. She followed me day by day and answered to my thousand questions. She started the challenge and she found me, by accident I think. She motivated me even when I felt guilty because of my laziness (not-)doing the exercise and when I had complains about the weather! She made me discover The Chef and The Dietitian and I looooove these girlz!!! With this challenge and TC&TD I really realized that I don’t need oil to cook! Remember S.O.S. (salt, oil, sugar)! I definitely want to do the brownies they prepare in the first episode! yummy!
Well, thanks Somer :)

Smile :)