Green Smoothie Challenge- Day 6

I forgot to write a post about the yesterday menù and now I dont remember what I ate. -.-

Surely smoothie for breakfast and lunch, something similar to those on the other days.

Nothing for the snacks as usual.

For dinner a salad with spinach, red mangold, roman salad, fennel, cucumber and i dont remember what else. Dressing: I had to finish the tahini jar then I just poured inside of it the juice of a lemon, mixed it and tossed it on the salad.

I lost 2 kg so far and I feel good, awake and quite active. Not enough active for sport because of this sucky weather! But I did a lot: get the kitchen in order and prepare it for the big cleaning that is gonna happen tomorrow, groceries, packing my stuff (a lot), checking my thesis (almost done), helping a friend getting the house in order, and so on and so forth.